A4uExpo Munich 2011 Recap

by Autoschieber on 14. Juni 2011

A4uExpo 2011 rocked! Since I attended the A4u in 2010 I didn’t want to miss it this year. After my speech at the Affiliate-Tactixx conference I met Matthew and asked him for a speaker slot for Adsense optimisation, which is a good match for the people between employees or agencies and the superaffiliates.

Over 700 delegates attended the A4uExpo this year. It was a pleasure to meet big names again like Bob Rains, Mediadonis, Sepita, Alexander, Pascal and all the others.

One of my highlights was to meet Dave in person. We took a few minutes of the conference to make a short video recap of my Adsense talk.

What happened?

I had a blast doing 2 or 3 Webmaster in Da PoOL sessions with some webmasters, skateboarding in Munich after the conference, missing my plane back to Hamburg and  having a nice lunch with FilOnTheRoad instead and people wanting to touch my FiveFingerShoes. The day before I attended the LinkResearchTools workshop which showed some real nice insights about linkbuilding.

A few slides are already online under: The A4u Blog

My take aways and tips from the a4uexpo:

  • HTML5 is great but since not a finished standard yet really difficult to make it validate in a productive environment. Better stick to XHTML 1.1 transitional for the moment.
  • Instead of giving your users a 30 days trial, its better to give them a 100% money back garantee. This should highly increase your conversion rate on a landing page.
  • Use Übersuggest to find new keywords based on google suggest
  • You don’t need to be Einstein to guess that facebook ads with boobs will get more clicks than logos
  • I should create my own email list. I knew it before but I’m still not doing it…
  • You can do some automated posts with Hootsuite
  • socialbakers.com gives you some nice Facebook stats for your next presentation
  • One online shop changed its button label from “register” to “continue” and had a 300% increase in sales!
  • Kevin Gibbons gave a great insight about Creative Linkbuilding with ideas I haven’t heard before


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