Lessons from a Millionaire about the business game

Yesterday I received a Newsletter from the Millionaire Amish Shah. In his blog he is sharing the lessons he learned by making $22 million dollars in the last 8 years.

Here the abstract I took out for me:

Lesson #1: Business Is A Game and You Are The Creator

Business is fun and like a game. Play fair & make your own rules.
business is a game and you are the creator.


The Way My Game Works:


  1. I am the creator of the game and get to choose all of the rules.
  2. I can make the game as fun and enjoyable as I want or as frustrating and disappointing as I want.
  3. There are many levels to the game and my goal is simply to master each one and move on to the next or in some cases skip ahead.
  4. The game really never ends, so my goal is always to have as much fun on each level as possible.
  5. Whenever I make a big mistake I just start that level over again, but this time I already know what to look out for.
  6. The game is a collaborative game to be played with many people… kinda like World of Warcraft (try playing it if you don’t know what I’m talking about).
  7. There are many challenges as well as secrets within the game, the more secrets that I unlock the easier the game becomes to win.
  8. I get to choose all of my team mates to play the game with and the more team mates I have the easier the game becomes. I only play the game with players who choose to play fair.
  9. If there’s something that really isn’t working then I have the ability to change the game by changing the rules or how the game works.
  10. The best players are given the most money to play with.


Lesson #2: Like Life, the Game of Entrepreneurship Has Predictable Laws

In the game of entrepreneurship there are laws just like there are laws in our world, and there are only two ways to learn these laws. Either you learn these laws through playing the game enough OR you do the smart thing and learn from someone who’s mastered a level you haven’t played yet.


Law 1: The Law of Giving

  1. Give whenever you can whether it is something small or large.
  2. Give your time, money, and energy whenever possible.
  3. Share your advice with the world and all of the knowledge that you have.
  4. Give to as many people as possible and as often as possible.
  5. Always give the best of what you have to offer.

Law 2: The Law of Focus

What You Think = What You See = How You Feel = The Way You React Emotional = What You Do = What You Get.


Therefore, bottom line… FOCUS on what you DO WANT (NOT on what you don’t want!)

Law 3: The Law of Flow

The Universe we live in operates in complete harmony and flow. The more we can become connected with the flow of the Universe, the easier it becomes to create things we want.


5 Ways To Stay In Flow:

1. Focus On Having Fun:

So… make FUN, a TOP priority! Like the #1 top priority.

You may think that this is crazy, but think about Richard Branson and the number of companies he can run (something like 335 companies now). It’s because him and his teams are having FUN!

People actually laugh at me when I tell them that I don’t take calls or do business anytime before 11:00am. LOL. What can I say, my happiness comes second to NOTHING ELSE. And having a relaxed morning is key to me having a HAPPY day.

2. Focus On Building A World Class Team: No one person can build a successful business alone. Your goal should NOT be to do more work, it should be to find more awesome and cool people who want to join your team. Think of business as playing a game of baseball and you are the pitcher. Yes, your position is very important, but what happens if one of the other teams players hits a ball and you have no one on your team. Haha! Well..that would suck now..wouldn’t it?  Well,  I’VE BEEN THERE!

Here’s a cool little secret for you. IF you are having FUN, building a world-class team is EASY. Many possible cool team members may have never been given the opportunity to just have A LOT of fun, because they’ve never thought of entrepreneurship as a fun game. The moment you come along and show them that entrepreneurship is just a fun game…  they will LOVE YOU.

3. Focus On the Future By Planning It Out: PLAN EVERYTHING. You get more of what you focus on, so create a future plan that gets you to stay focused on what you WANT to create. Spend at least 2 hours or even more planning out the future of your business every week.

And when you are planning, focus as much as possible on the language that you use in your plans and around how you think and talk about your plans.

4. Focus On Clearing Your Mind: Invest in yourself. Invest time into your internal world. The best state of mind to create what you want and stay in flow is a mindset that is clear. The best way to clear your mind from random thoughts and bad images of future realities THAT DON’T EXIST is to meditate and just chill out. I do this by going into my infrared sauna and just relaxing for 30 minutes at least once a day. So find, or create a peaceful place for you to just… chill. Even if it’s that you gotta go for a walk… do so! Step away from the computer for AT LEAST 15 minutes a day to sit & relax your mind.

5.  Focus On Changing Your Internal Mindset: Again, it’s ALL about the MIND! Work on yourself more than you work on your business, and the business will come. Whenever you are not creating what you want, DON’T WORK HARDER at getting it. Instead just determine how you need to change your internal mindset in order to get the external result you want. Then getting what you want becomes simple… you just keep making small changes to your internal mindset until you get the external results you want. Making small habitual changes is key.

Lesson #3: There’s An Easy and Predictable Way To Make Lots of Money

Now that I’ve played and mastered many levels of the game of entrepreneurship, I’ve come to realize and believe that the game is 98% a mental game and about 2% a skill based game.


Only when you create this internal mindset will you truly be able to create MASS SCALE IMPACTin the world. Let’s go over what this exactly is…

6 Ways To Achieve a MASS SCALE IMPACT Mindset.

1. Choose to solve BIG problems. 

Whenever you choose to solve ‘big problems’ in the world then there are lots of solutions. In the game of entrepreneurship the bigger the problems you choose to solve, the more impact you’ll be able to make. Money simply follows the impact you are making in the world.

2. Choose to help LOTS of people.

If you are going to build a business and you’re interested in making lots of money, then make life easy on yourself. Choosing to help lots of people will make your life WAY easier. Building this mindset is very easy IF you actually care about helping people and not just about MAKING MONEY. A really great book to check out around this is ‘Start With Why’ by Simon Sinek. The title says it ALL.

3. Do something that is repeatable.

Making money becomes really easy and fun, when you learn a strategy that works once and you just repeat it over and over again. From my experience of playing the game of entrepreneurship, the money only really matters until you’ve made a couple million dollars in a year… then the game changes from making money to making a difference.

If you are still in the earlier levels of entrepreneurship that’s cool, you just need to make sure that you find a system that is repeatable and fun.

Then your goal should be to do this over and over again until you make enough money to free up your time and energy to focus on the next levels of entrepreneurship.

4. Duplicate yourself.

Entrepreneurs who get stuck at the lower levels of the game do so because they try to do everything themselves. If you’ve already built a million dollar business you’d already know that it becomes harder and harder to get to the higher levels of the game when you try to do everything yourself.

You simply CANNOT manage the complexities of the game by yourself when you get past the million dollar mark (very few people can accomplish this).

The best way to move up to higher levels of the game is to find great people you can play the game with and to duplicate yourself OR replace yourself.

Like Sir Richard Branson…the first thing he does when he starts a new company is to figure out how he can fire himself. That is awesome.

5. Study people who’ve completed the levels you are playing.

After you’ve successfully created the outline for the game you want to play (i.e. the market, the product, the team), then you’ll want to start studying and learning from people who’ve already mastered the level you are about to play.

Decide on who you want to have as your celebrity mentors then read their books and test out their strategies until you too have mastered what they were able to master.

6. Enjoy the journey and focus on learning.

Top entrepreneurs buy and read business and marketing books, magazines, reports, journals, newsletters, websites and industry publications, knowing that these resources will improve their understanding of business and marketing functions and skills. They also attend workshops, seminars, network, and never stop investing in the most powerful, effective and best business and marketing tool at their immediate disposal–themselves.

The process is super simple and it works, and frankly, I just keep doing it over and over again to make more money, and in turn make more of a difference in the world. I’m happy to share it with you now, because I’ve moved on to yet another level of entrepreneurship and I want to give back to you & those going through the levels of that game that is… ENTREPRENEURSHIP. Why? Because it’s entrepreneurs like us who are changing the world for the better.

Your friend,

Amish Shah

P.S. Please get the word out & share this post with your followers & friends.  There’s no reason we all have to repeat the same mistakes, let’s learn from each other!





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  1. Very nice and adapted list. It s great to see more people actively and regularily working with Lessons learned. Once somebody said every book you read and understand/adapt may save you failures that cost you 7-20 years of your live. So, look around and listen what worked and what not with others. copy success, understand failure.

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